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SAFA - Samskara Academy of Fine Arts is a no profit organisation that was founded by Namita Bodaji. This organization promotes Indian classical dance and holds lecture/demonstrations, talks and performances. Every year SAFA organizes "Lakshita", a classical dance festival that features brilliant performers.

"Lakshita" means the marked one or the distinguished one. Every year Samskara strives to present performers of good caliber irrespective of their seniority. Some of the artistes presented are Shubhada Varadkar- Odissi, Vishal Krishna-Kathak, Miti Desai-Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam by Nandini Krishna and students of Guru Chaya Khanvate.

Samskara is funded by donations of dance lovers and connoisseurs and sponsors..


"Kathak dancer Vishal Krishna Lakshita 2012"
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