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  • It was truly a delight to watch Namita Bodaji perform with fine co-ordination and uniformity.

- Indian Express
  • Namita was aesthetic and exuded confidence.
- N. Hariharan, The Times of India
  • Namita as Sita was impressive.
- N. Hariharan, The Times of India
  • Receptive Abhinaya by Namita.
- Samachar
  • Namita's dance is characterized by clean lines and a well held shoulder line.
- Leela Venkataraman
  • Namita rendered the item of Meera Bhajan with superb histrionic skill bringing out the different emotions of the episode (Draupadi Vastraharan).
- C.M. Rana
  • Namita's presentations abroad have been admired for their traditionalism and simplicity.
- Kulchur Zone, Bombay Times.
  • Ms. Bodaji combines dance forms with contemporary issues such as gender equality, love and respect for animals and nature, health and other themes that are found in the spirituality of both east and west.
- The Falmouth Enterprise, Massachusetts
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